I have had lymphedema for 18 years, for many of those years I have been seeking help from Babette Maiss.  She has been instrumental in keeping my lymphedema under control.  I really appreciate that Babette continually increases her knowledge and understanding of lymphedema, whether it be with new bandaging techniques, new garment options or diet… Continue reading

Thank you Babette for a great lymph massage yesterday !  Jennie D.

Hey everyone, when in town I get a weekly massage from Babette...I can definitely attest to the fact that I am all the HEALTHIER for doing this. I had a very serious health issue 4 years ago and I swear that getting a massage has since kept me in excellent health. Kathleen O.

Fell walking in park, severely twisted & sprained my foot! work full-time as hairdresser, was so miserable😩. Started being treated by Babette, she saved me!! Highly recommend😊😊 Marsha K.

I have had the privilege of being a client of Babette's for several years. I have post-polio syndrome so muscles are slowly wearing out. Babette has the expert training to help the muscles various lymph in my weary body. We work as partners to keep me going. Give her a try. She will honestly tell… Continue reading